Hair Rejuvenation Program

Package 1


Dermaroller + Proprietary Shampoo + Serum: Package includes a supply of Proprietary Shampoo, Hair Serum, and one 0.5mm Dermaroller. Use these products three times a week for a fuller, healthier head of hair.

Package 2


All of the above in Package 1 plus one monthly Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) microneedling session with Dr. Marco Zahedi. This technique involves stimulating your hair follicles with a more aggressive depth than dermaroller and supplements the healing and recovery process with natural healing factors found in and concentrated from your whole blood.

Package 3


Localized scalp injections. These injections provide unlimited progenitor differentiation potential to replace, restore and rejuvenate damaged and dead hair follicles without the need for surgery or hair transplantation. Add with Package 2 and 1 for a synergistic effect.

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